Tuesday, August 26, 2008

join a food co-op

If your like me you like to buy organic but find it gets expensive. I buy organic not only for the way it benefits the environment but mostly for the benefit to my body. I dont want to expose myself to preservatives and chemicals if I can help it. By joining a food co-op you can buy organic produce at much more affordable prices. I joined one. If you live in Flagler county check out www.naturesclub.com. If you need help or more info let me know. Every other week you have the oppurtunity to place your "partial orders" for produce that you would be willing to purchase. If there is enough interest in the particaular item(s) then the case is ordered and you are able to purchase it at the reduced rate. The downfall is you dont always receive everything you'd like if there is not enough people willing to purchase some as well. I picked up my first order today and bought the freshest strawberries I have ever gotten. The woman, Natalia who runs the co-op inspects the food and also will reject it if it is not a good quality so you dont have to worry about getting stuck with bad produce. Everything I got looked great and I am very pleased. The prices who just pennies over the store cost for non-organic produce. You definitely need to know your prices before ordering to prevent yourself from buying something you could get cheaper at the store. If you have any questions let me know. She also sells (and stocks some) teas, juices and other products. Check out the website when you get a chance.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

my green update

Since starting this blog I am happy to report that I have reduced my household trash to less than 1 - 13 gallon trash bag per week. This does not include diapers which we have about 1 small bag every couple of weeks (remember that my parents watch her during the day). I really have to thank my husband for all his help and taking my desires to live "greener" so serious. With his help we have managed to really step up our recycling efforts but most of all we have decreased our waste. We were big time food wasters. I dont even know why. Left overs would sit in the fridge and I would buy things and never end up cooking or eating them. I have actually cut back the amount I am spending on groceries big time. I buy about 90% fresh food too so I am pretty proud of us for cutting back our waste. I hope to lower the amount of trash even more once I get my worm composter up and going. Its amazing when you stop and think about what your putting in your trash. The kitchen trash maybe not so much but think about your bathroom and office. Think about the cardboard toilet paper rolls, the junk mail and magazines you receive. Once you are more aware its amazing how you find yourself looking at the bottom of every package for that universal recycling symbol.