Saturday, July 25, 2009

green update...

Well as I sit home nursing my sick husband back to health I thought... good time to post an update. Things are going well. My garden is filled with tomatoes, peppers, spinach and green beans the size of spaghetti. My grandfather gave me the beans that have been in his family for years and he says they are called spaghetti beans.

Our chicken population is now up to 13. No one is laying yet but a few should be very soon (I sure hope). I expanded their area by adding a run which basically enclosed their existing coop. I give them access to the run area when I am outside to supervise. The area I have to be careful with my dogs as they are still very curious about them especially Raven. She torments them so I only let them out in the run area when the dogs are in the house. Cant wait to start getting some eggs. I am sure eventually I will have more eggs than I know what to do with. I got the new chickens from a lady I found on craigslist who could no longer care for them. I got a heck of a deal on them and they are a few different types of chickens so I should get a nice variety of eggs.

Cloth diapers have kind of taken a backseat these days. Chloe started day care a couple of days a week and they will not allow the cloth diapers. I still try to use them when she is home with me on the weekends though. I continue to use the cloth wipes on a regular basis. Those are great and a big cost savings.

As far as everything I just continue to do what I do and that is give new life to old things. I have collected some odds and ends from people at work like broken jewelry and puzzles with missing pieces and have made some earrings and plan to make some Christmas ornaments too. So dont be surprised if you get a handmade ornament this year for Christmas (that looks like a child made it lol).

Thanks for reading.