Monday, February 8, 2010

green update

Wow - I am really slacking on my posts these days. Life is just so busy. I just got done watching an amazing documentary that my sister bought me for my birthday called "Food INC" which I HIGHLY recommend. It was such an eye opener and really reminded me of a lot of the issues I have with the food industry. As usual it got the wheels turning in my head and I plan to make some big changes in my life.

My husbands parents raise cattle and have offered us a cow to slaughter for some time now and I think we are finally going to take advantage of it. I just have to make some room in my freezer first. Our chickens are doing fantastic and are laying daily giving me about 6 eggs a day. I also have a few roosters which I plan to move to my dinner table soon (or have my hubby do I should say). That one will be a first for me.

I continue to work with our green committee at work to reduce our waste as a City and offer better alternatives to the residents like recycling christmas trees into mulch to be used on city properties for landscaping and proper disposal of batteries, cell phones and other e-waste. My biggest accomplishment has been presenting our City manager as well as our City Council with a proposal (which was approved) that will save the City about $40,000 a year but also save a lot of paper products by eliminating paper delinquent utility notices and replacing them with an automated phone call. I am still working through the testing phase on this but it is going great and I have received a fantastic response so far. This was a very exciting journey for me and I am glad to finally be able to share it with everyone.

I continue to strive for reducing my waste, especially household and I do so by sharing my unwanted items, composting my leftover food scraps and buying only what I need and will use. I continue to reduce my meat intake and hope that others will follow in my footsteps too.

Thanks for reading!

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