Monday, March 22, 2010

My first "meat out"

So this year is the first year of not eating meat for me. I have been staying away from meat for the most part for the last few months. My issue is not necessarily with "eating meat" but actually with the conditions that animals are kept in for the purpose of becoming our dinner. My other issue is with the amount of meat people now eat thanks to what started as the "fast food craze". People dont realize the impact that eating meat at every meal every day, has on the environment, and our bodies. All these food recalls this year should have really clued us in. How does spinach suddenly end up with bacteria on it that is found on fecal matter? If you dont know, watch the movie "Food Inc." It really puts things into perspective. So needless to say, I am happy to report that I have officially survived my first "meat out". The organization(s) that created meatout not only ask that people not eat once a year, but give up meat just one day a week. If everyone did this, the effect would be remarkable! So I challenge you to give up meat, just one day a week. Its amazing how quickly you come with meat alternatives given the opportunity to explore. Happy eating!

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