Saturday, May 29, 2010

One man's trash is another man's or woman's treasure

As many of you know one of my favorite things to do is take something that someone else no longer wants and make it new again. This was the case with an old pool deck at my in-laws old house that my brother in law and sister in law now own. The above ground pool has since been torn down but the small deck remained. The deck is pretty worn out since it is about 15 years old but there was so much potential still left in it. Sooooo they gave it to us and it is now our back deck. We did have to replace a few boards in the floor and re-brace the legs but overall we only have about $20-$30 in to it. Many of you may not know this but Lowes/Home Depot stacks up bent or damaged wood onto carts. Once the cart is full they sell the whole cart for pennies on the dollar. Because of this we were able to pick up wood for next to nothing to replace the damaged boards and build braces for the legs. We still need to put up a rail (I had sooo much fun with demolishing the old ones) and paint the deck but overall it is fully functioning right now as our deck. When all is said and done we expect to have less than $100 in to it. Now tell me where you can build a back deck for less than $100? Saving money and keeping stuff from the 2 favorite things to do!

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Aggie said...

that looks really good!