Sunday, December 14, 2008

dont forget the forgettables....

I have to say that when I first started becoming more environmentally conscious I had no idea what road it would lead me down. I realize now that my biggest concerns are with waste. I hate seeing things go to a landfill when they can be reused or recycled. When it comes to recycling there are a lot of things that people forget can be recycled. Cereal boxes are a great example. They are cardboard. Remember to remove the plastic bag from inside first, then break the box down and put it in your recycle bin. Oh yah and dont forget to look for those Box Tops points too. Cut them out and give them to someone for their school. Each one is worth .10. The plastic bags that bread comes in is another example of a forgettable. Look at the bag and you should see the infamous triangle. There will be a number inside the triangle and as long as your recycling company accepts that # the bag can be recycled. If your not sure what your company accepts give them a call and they should be able to give you a list. If your company can recycle styrofoam (ours does) a lot of the containers that meat comes in are recyclable too. Another example is your mail. If you pay online and dont use the envelopes that come with your bill, those as well as the inserts can be recycled. This goes for the magazines, catalogs and various other junk mail you get. Dont forget to shred anything with personal information on it. I keep a bin under my desk and when it fills up I pull out the paper and put it in my recycle bin. Be sure and wedge it between something so that if it is a windy day you are not picking it up later from the neighbors yard. The cardboard rolls from toilet paper are recyclable too. Keep a bag in the bathroom for them to make it easier to separate from the rest of your trash. Also check with your local schools to see if they would be interested in them for various projects with the kids. Especially around Christmas time. They work great for reindeer ornaments. I have a few courtesy of my nephews.

As I mentioned earlier, I realize now how passionate I am about reducing waste. Seriously think about what you are putting in your trash and alternative solutions for disposing of them that way. I continue to reduce my waste. I put out 2-3 recycle bins a week while only having 1 bag of trash every 1-2 weeks. It makes me feeling pretty good to know that there is something I can do to help ensure a "trash-free" future my daughter and her cousins. Not to mention that when things are recycled it reduces the need for non-renewable resources to be used to make more of those items.

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