Monday, December 15, 2008

Sending your holiday greetings electronically this year

A few years ago I started an annual holiday newsletter. What started out as an attempt to give friends and family an update on what my then newly-wed husband and I were up to has now turned into something I love to do every year. 3 years later I not only realize how much I enjoy writing (and think that our friends and family enjoy reading) the newsletter but I also realize what an environmentally conscience choice I made. I try to make it very personal and include pictures from trips and events through out the year. I do print a few copies for close family (like grandparents and parents) and a few copies for the few non computer savy people in my life, bust mostly our holiday greetings are now sent electronically. Newsletters are easy to do. Go online and search for Microsoft word newsletter templates. You can make all kinds of changes but at least it gives you a starting point.

Think about how many Christmas cards you have accumulated (or thrown away) over the years. I for one love receiving the cards with pictures and notes inside. But many cards just have a name signed to them. An alternative to just tossing these away each year is to keep them and cut out cute pictures on the fronts. These pictures can be used next year to make handmade cards or gift tags. You can do this with birthday cards too. Its a lot of fun and of course it keeps them out of the trash.

I'd love to hear any other ideas anyone has.

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