Monday, June 30, 2008

reuse - dont throw away that old stuff

Ever wonder what to with that all that old stuff? Find a new use or a new home for it. Whatever you do dont throw it away. Donate it to charity or bring it to a consignment shop. I buy tons of stuff from consignment shops for the baby. It is so much cheaper but most importanly I know that I am putting something (clothes, books, toys etc...) to good "re-use." When I am done it goes right back to the consignment shop and even better it gives me credit towards more stuff for her. I love Classy Kids Consignment on SR 100 in Bunnell. The store is huge, the owner is wonderful (Rochelle) and the prices are great. Whatever doesnt sell they donate to a charity in St. Augustine that helps pregnant teens. If your not interested in store credit you can still donate your items.

Another great thrift store is the Habitat for Humanity store in Bunnell. They have all kinds of great stuff (no clothes) from furniture, appliances, sinks, toilets, beds to kitchen gadgets and holiday stuff. You are not only saving money when you buy from a thrift store but you are also helping a great cause and keeping things from going to the landfill.

I hope you'll check one out.

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