Thursday, July 10, 2008

host a swap party!

Ever heard of a swap party? I heard about it today on Get Fresh with Sara Snow and think it is such a great idea. You invite a group of friends over and ask them to bring some old things they want to get rid of. Every one rummages through everything and takes home things brought by others. You feel like you just went shopping only you dont spend a thing. If you and your friends are similar sizes you can just have a clothes swap otherwise leave it open and recommend your friends bring any items they'd like. For example, books, cd's, movies, clothes, kitchen gadgets or even holiday decorations. Remind your friends to bring a couple of bags to take home their items and if you'd like, donate anything left over to a charity or your guests can take their own things back home if they'd like. Think of how much fun it would be do this. I am seriously thinking about trying it out. If you have friends with kids close in age to your own you could even swap "kid things" like clothes and toys. Be sure and share your guest list with everyone so that they'll have a better idea what to bring based on the like and dislikes of the others who will be attending. If anyone has tried this let me know. I'd love to hear details about how it went. There are other kinds of swap parties too that involve food, especially cookies, around the holidays. Each person makes a specific amount of 1 type of cookie but divides it and packages it by the # of guests. Each guests leaves the party with all different types of cookies from each other guest attending. I have thought about doing this too but am not really a baking guru. I guess we'll see what happens!

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