Monday, February 2, 2009

share your leftover paint

How many times have you painted a room in your home and had paint leftover that was destined to sit in your garage for years until one day your husband finally cleans the garage and it ends up in the trash, wasted? My brother painted his living room this past month and had a can left over. I loved the color so he generously passed it along to me. I expected to have to buy a small can if needed but didnt even have to. Not only did I save money by not having to spend it on paint but I saved a can of paint from being destined to a life in a landfill. I also noticed that our local Habitat for Humanity store accepts used paint. So think about it. If you have paint left over maybe a friend can use it. Even if it doesnt do an entire room it may be used for an accent wall. If they really like the color they can always purchase additional cans of the same color. Either way it saves money. 1 can did my entire dining room. I still have a little touch up I need to do but I have a little bit left plus my brother has another half of a can at his house that we can share for touch ups. I am really pleased with how it came out. I still have to finish the trim around the windows and doors but still it will be very little cost now to buy a small can of white paint versus what I would have spent.

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